Top 5 smoothie bowls (so far)


If you’ve been following my Instagram page (@nourishbyneek) it’ll come as no surprise that I’m doing this post. Almost every day off I’m hopping into my tiny car and making my way over to a new cafe or a favourite so far to fill my tummy with fruity smoothie goodness.

Smoothie bowls are not only deliciously sweet and so satisfying to look at when they’re made well, they’re also SO good for you! Nutrient dense and often topped with fresh nuts and granola to give you that much needed energy boost to get you through your day. Since moving to Melbourne in June I’ve tried quite a few and thought I’d share my favourites with you guys for those who are wanting to give them a try, or even just find a new brunch spot for yourself! I’ll start with the ones that much deserve a special mention and build up to the pure heaven fruit bowls that keep me going back.

5. Dragon fruit smoothie bowl – Matcha Mylkbar Matcha Mylkbar while it is on the bottom of my list, is not to be looked over. This cafe is doing everything right, just didn’t quite hit the spot for me. They serve up a fully vegan menu with some unusual yet intriguing options such as their blue algae smoothie bowl, carrot cake latte and vegan poached eggs (wow!). Their gorgeous pink dragonfruit smoothie bowl got my attention via their Instagram and was just as wonderful in real life. The colour and presentation of the meal was stunning, service friendly and professional and definitely worth the trip over to St Kilda.

4. Green smoothie bowl – Northcote StnThis smoothie bowl was almost too beautiful to eat, almost. My tastebuds took over me and I dove right in. It’s highlights apart from the presentation were the dragonfruit balls and quinoa candy! Unfortunately it did lack a little flavour and mostly tasted like green but was still super enjoyable and so pleasant to look at that it’s stayed in the back of my mind. I went during the week and the super modern cafe was quiet and a very relaxed space.

3. Galaxy Acai Bowl – Serotonin Eatery I’m almost certain I don’t need to give any explanation as to why this cafe/bowl combo has made it into my favourites. Look. At. That. Popsicle. Made from banana nice cream! Healthy, natural and guilt free ice cream you can enjoy with your delicious brunch bowl, I was sold. That and this cafe is one of the most pleasant places to dine, the staff are warm and inviting and the venue boasts swing bench seats, Lounges with cushions and a very minimal and cosy interior. A must visit if you’re looking for lunch and somewhere to energise.

2. Dragon Bowl – Urban ProjuiceScreen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.30.35 pm.pngUrban Projuice is so unique that it instantly grabbed my attention. The cafe is set inside a two storey townhouse, now cafe, with seating out in the front and backyards and also upstairs. IT has a very cosy vibe about it and i’ve found myself there on a few rainy days and always feel right at home. They boast a nourishing menu of green salads, fresh juices, burgers, this drool worthy Acai bowl and a just as noteworthy their snickers (yes, you heard that right!) smoothie bowl. They also have some of the best tofu scramble i’ve come across. And don’t forget to try some of the many vegan cakes or muffins they make fresh daily!

1. Mango Crunch Smoothie Bowl with Coconut Yoghurt – Particle Cinnamon And last, but most DEFINITELY not least. This smoothie bowl, and this cafe in general just keep me coming on back. It’s not just their fully vegan, refreshing and creative menu, the entire vibe of this perfect brunch spot is so peaceful and kind and that is completely reflected in their dishes and I can’t get enough of their presentation. This golden crunch smoothie bowl comes with an optional side of coconut yoghurt that complements it perfectly. Particle Cinnamon was one of the first cafes I went to when I moved to Melbourne and i’ve been regularly since. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you have to.

I’m quite sure there will be more posts to come as I eat my way through all of the smoothie and acai bowls that Melbourne has on offer :’) Leave any of your own recommendations below!

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