My Health Journey So Far

I’ve been wanting to take some time out and write up this post for quite a while but haven’t had enough time to sit down and digest how much has changed for me in the past 6 or so months since I moved to Melbourne from Sydney. Both physically and mentally my life has turned around completely and reflecting on that can be very overwhelming, whether it be good or bad.

Firstly I want to start off by saying that I’m not an expert in health, nutrition or exercise (although I’ve recently enrolled in a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine for 2018 and I’m so excited and ready!!). Everyday is a learning experience for me and I’m constantly receiving new information and advice that I’m incorporating into my own lifestyle and any of the routines or habits I follow myself, may or may not work for you. Everyone is different and it’s important to keep focused on yourself and don’t compare to others.

Taken June 2017 ~ near the start of my journey and trying on my first proper set of workout clothes for the gym!

Taken December 2017 – 6 months into my journey. It’s important to take time to recognise the goals you’re achieving and keep focused on the bigger picture.

May 2017 was when I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle. I’m naturally a very busy person, I like having lots of projects going on as well as working full time and by this point I was so exhausted constantly from eating foods that were making me unwell and not giving my body what it needed to keep me going, not to mention no exercise and I was getting further away from a balanced lifestyle and this was negatively impacting on my mental wellbeing.

I’m grateful that I had this realisation as I was moving interstate from Sydney to Melbourne. Establishing some personal goals for myself was actually so exciting in a new city where I could implement completely new routines that would encourage me and keep me focused, and there was an ‘Anytime Fitness’ gym walking distance from my new apartment, so definitely had no excuses for slacking off!

Working towards eating a more plant based diet was a simple transition for me because I’d never really enjoyed eating animals products, I was becoming more aware of the negative effects of animal based products and I simply didn’t want to eat them, I didn’t need them. After I’d been introducing more fruits and vegetables into my diet I started noticing the change in my energy and attention levels which assisted in more focused workouts and being able to maintain a good fitness routine even with my full time work schedule. So overall I was feeling better physically which had a continuous effect on my energy output and I was eating foods that I knew were good for me and in turn made me feel good. ‘You are what you eat’ is such an overused term but has so much truth in it, how can I expect my body to perform 100% if I’m not feeding it the proper fuel it needs to do so? Transitioning to a vegan diet hasn’t limited my meals and eating options in any way, quite the opposite. I’m becoming more aware of the versatility of plant based ingredients and am constantly inspired to create with them!

These are a few of my go to dinner meals at home, ‘nourish bowls’ or plates as it would seem πŸ˜› packed with colourful vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin, mushroom, greens such as kale, baby spinach, broccoli and beans, legumes and some flavour packed condiments like sauerkraut, kimchi, hummus and tahini, these are so easy and customisable for all your fav ingredients!

Planning and routine are so important for me to feel progress in whatever I’m doing so this was a huge part of the changes I was incorporating. I didn’t want to think I was just going on a ‘diet’ or doing a bit of exercise during the mornings, I needed and wanted a lifestyle change for the long term and so I established a loose meal plan for myself and started going to the gym most days a week, attending group classes when I could and I began losing weight quite quickly and eventually cut out all animal products and transitioned to a fully plant based or vegan diet, and this to me was positive results of my planning and routine, It gives me a great sense of achievement and is a strong motivator for continual change.

Grocery and fresh produce shopping is a HUGE guilty pleasure of mine and I thoroughly enjoy it. This is what a typical weekly shop looks like for me, as well as lots of nuts, seeds and legumes such as almonds, walnuts, chickpeas, lentils and goji berries etc.

Throughout my journey and the changes i’ve made over the past 6 months I’ve stayed away from the scales and don’t calorie count, I didn’t want to become obsessed with those numbers and I’ve stayed true to that but the physical change is definitely there in my clothing and I acknowledge it that way. I started at a size 14 in trousers and my most recent purchase of workout tights are a size 6 which is a significant amount of weight in a comparably short amount of time.

I’m proud of myself, my commitment to my routine and I get so much enjoyment out of the physical aspect as well. I’ve attended a bunch of HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes, boxfit classes, circuit training classes, yoga and Zumba classes and I get such a rush from trying out a new activity and this motivates me even further.

Taken at one of my training classes at F45 in Maribyrnong which helped introduce me to interval training and a range of different strength exercises, such a great workout environment!

Taking the time to reflect on this new life i’ve made for myself and write up this post is a big milestone for me and something I’ve wanted to do for some time because I’m acknowledging openly a lot of changes I’ve made and how they’ve impacted on my life and others around me also. And this means both positive, and not so positive and I want to be truthful in my journey that I’ve made public. There are days I struggle immensely when I’m not able to keep my routine, and eating out can be very stressful if I haven’t planned in advance what I’m able to eat. I’m fully aware that the lifestyle I’ve made for myself isn’t perfect, and while changing my relationship with food has had so many positive outcomes, I’ve become obsessed in my journey, eating habits and weight loss. These concerns are ones that I’m addressing with help and support from professional and my friends and family. Every day I’m working hard, I’m striving towards a healthy & balanced lifestyle, and while a lot of the time it does seem so difficult, it’s not impossible.

I stated this at the beginning but I want to mention and reiterate again that I’m not an expert on health, nutrition or exercise. I’m learning so much everyday and always welcome new information that I can relay on to others to inspire and inform but choices I’ve made in my own journey may or may not work for others and it’s important not to compare and to keep focused on the bigger picture and listen to the needs of your own body and mind.

Change can be so amazing and positive but also damn hard at times and I’m going to keep moving forward towards a healthy and happy mind and body. Look after yourself one day at a time πŸ’•

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments about this post, I’m happy to discuss 😊

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