Urban Projuice | Albert Park

Urban Projuice Wholefood Cafe and Juice Bar has been one of my go to spots in Melbourne since day one of living in Melbourne. If you know anything about me, It’s that I love smoothie bowls, especially in some of the unusually warm days Melbourne dishes up, and oh boy does this clean eating cafe deliver. Let me tell you a little bit about them first though, Because on the list of reasons why I keep coming back, their smoothie bowl is just one of them.


The cafe is setup inside a converted white terraced building, Meaning you feel as if you’re walking into someones home and that feeling continues to build in this peaceful and cosy eatery. They’ve really utilised the space and made it as functional as possible without taking away from any of that individuality of a traditional terraced home. There is seating in the front courtyard, back courtyard and throughout the lower level and upstairs of this stunning wooden home.

Their menu is simple, not too overwhelming with choices but also more than enough to satisfy whatever you’re feelin up for, and not to mention the DROOLWORTHY selection of freshly made raw cakes, desserts and pastries available which I can never resist taking something home for later no matter how full I am.


While the menu isn’t too overwhelming with snack, breakfast, lunch and side options there is always a lot of deliberating and eliminating to do for me as you can’t go wrong with any of the options. I always start off with a turmeric latte with almond milk though, I’ve tried more times than I can count to make myself one of these at home and and for some reason I can’t quite nail it so I’ll keep treating myself to them when I’m at Urban Projuice 😛

When spending some time eating out during the day I’m always more inclined towards the breakfast options, I adore fruity meals especially in this warmer weather and after some lengthy discussion with my partner on whether we were feeling sweet or savoury for our visit we decided on the Dragon Bowl Z for myself with added gluten free granola and peanut butter (I don’t think I need to justify my decision here🥜😻) and he had the buckwheat vanilla pancakes with vegan ice cream! Believe me it’s a hard decision to make when everything sounds so good and even the sweeter dishes are full of the most nourishing ingredients and guilt free!

I’m no newbie to the their Dragon Bowl Z – I’ve been here before and know exactly what I’m getting myself into. It is a ‘blend of acai, dragon fruit, mango, strawberry, peach, banana, coconut milk and dates, topped with fresh seasonal fruit and nuts.’ As if that doesn’t sound like the most meal to start off the day, and it most definitely was. Each spoonful is a burst of flavourful fruit with refreshing acai and crunch of nuts, muesli and seeds. The portion size is on point and I always finish it feeling satisfied and full of so much good food!!

Can we please just take a small moment of silence to appreciate these pancakes though? Look at that STACK 👅🥞 It’s a ‘blissful fluffy pancake stack topped with banana, seasonal fruit, wild berry compote, vegan ice cream, toasted superseed crunch and pure maple syrup.’ Oh me, oh my. And did I mentjon they’re gluten free and nut free! Such a great option for those with allergies or even just to try your tastebuds at some gluten free options 🌾 This heavenly stack definitely hits that sweet spot and will satisfy every pancake craving you’ve got going on. So we’d finished our meals and content with our breakfast but we didn’t forget one very important thing, freshly baked muffins and sausage rolls 🌭 You simply cannot visit a cafe such as this and limit your options, dream big and taste all the things and we definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample some take home treats.

You can’t go wrong with a freshly baked dragonfruit & macadamia muffin with edible flowers, and a warm sausage roll. Both completely vegan and both heckin mouth wateringly delicious.

We devoured these at home and immediately regretted not splurging on more goodies on our way out. But never fear, We’ll simply just have to go back (again and again!) to make more progress through their menu. If you’re looking for a new cafe to frequent your brunches at or just somewhere new to pop by for a juice and a tasty snack then you seriously have to consider Urban Projuice wholefood cafe and juice bar❤️

Cafe details:

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